Introduction to Ethical Hacking Camp


Did you know that cybercrime inflicted damages globally totalling $6 trillion USD, just in 2021? It is necessary to know how to defend oneself against these threats and identify and fix vulnerabilities preemptively.

In this 1 week hands-on self-paced course, MehtA+ instructors will teach Grades 7-12 students the basics of penetration testing (ethical hacking) and cybersecurity best practices.

Students will learn how to ethically hack using Browser Exploitation Framework (BEef) on Kali Linux to evaluate system security. They will specifically learn the various ways in which malicious actors steal credentials and data, and how to protect oneself against it. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate. 

No prior experience is required. Students will have access to course content for a year.

Please note: By registering for this course, students are agreeing to use the techniques they learn in this course to identify vulnerabilities in their own systems, and not for malicious purposes. 

Registration will open Summer 2023!