Web Development Bootcamp + Internship


Did you know that WordPress powers 43% of all websites? The need to know how to create a website in WordPress is more important than ever. 

In this 5 week web development bootcamp + 5 week internship, MIT and Stanford engineers will teach Grades 5-8 students how to create an aesthetically pleasing website, and provide students with the opportunity to apply those skills in an internship. 

Students will learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript, UI/UX design and be introduced to WordPress and its plugins and search engine optimization. Agile iterative methodology will be taught and enforced during the internship through issue tracking and weekly stand-ups.

No prior experience is required. 

MehtA+ students created an educational website about the process of kidney transplantation for a transplant surgeon at Erie County Medical Center. The website’s banner is seen above.


The MehtA+ internship opportunity was a fantastic experience. I was given a very collaborative  environment to work with my peers to create a beautiful and informative website about kidney transplants. I certainly learned a lot about how to create a website using modern tools and technology. Our given tasks were also a great way to learn concepts about the inner workings of a search engine. My tutor, Ms. Haripriya was always open to suggestions and worked with us like a fellow team member along with our mentors. Whenever we had questions or struggled with a task, our mentors were always there to answer them and were very approachable. They also exposed us to many common tools used in the workplace that are used to manage team coordination. Overall, the internship with MehtA+ was an extremely valuable and enriching experience which builds fundamental skills to have in today’s workplace and I would totally recommend MehtA+ to anyone looking to further their knowledge and learning experience.