Admissions Consulting

We offer all-encompassing profile building and admissions consulting services for undergraduate admissions and review essays for transfer applications and graduate admissions. Our services are primarily focused on admissions to US, UK and Singapore universities. 

Please fill out the following form for consultant availability and pricing information and to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. 

For undergraduate admissions, we accept students as early as the summer before 8th grade 

For undergraduate transfer applications, we review the student’s essays. For graduate admissions, we review the student’s resume, Statement of Purpose, Personal History and Diversity Statements.

Our process


We help students with planning coursework and extracurriculars based on their interests.

Find your hook

We guide students in finding their 'hook' - what sets the student apart in the admissions pool.

Review Essays

We review students' essays and portfolios for colleges and help prepare them for interviews.

Weigh options

Once students receive their admissions results, we help students weigh their options.


We also provide assistance in preparing scholarship and financial aid applications.

Admissions Consulting Interest Form

Admissions Consulting Interest Form

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