Paper Circuits

Electric circuits are ubiquitous. From our computers to our DVD players, circuits are everywhere. But how do they work? Download the template at the bottom of this page and follow along with the video to create your own paper circuit with Miss Paws. Learn about the different components of a circuit – batteries, LEDs and resistors. 

Materials needed:

Copper Tape

5mm LED

CR2032 3 Volt Coin Cell Battery

Cardstock/Construction/Printer Paper

Markers/Colored Pencils/Crayons




Pen/Pencil (optional)

Paper Clip (optional)


1) Color Miss Paws/Mister Whiskers. 

2) Cut it further. 

3) Fold the bottom right hand corner of the paper and place the battery.

4) Trace the battery on both sides of the fold. 

5) Poke two holes in the medallion with a thumbtack.

6) Fold the legs of the LED.

7) Draw the circuit. 

8) Cut the appropriate lengths of copper tape. 

9) Peel the back of the copper tape.

10) Tape the legs of the LED to the copper tape.

11) Place the coin cell battery inside the circle. 

12) Fold the paper to complete the circuit.