Project Mentorship

We offer 1-on-1 mentorship as well as mentorship for groups for Grades 5-12 students. 

Our instructors offer mentorship for passion projects and projects for research competitions in math, science, computer science and the humanities. With regards to projects, we work with the students to develop a timeline and deliverables, and guide them through the entire research process including research paper and poster creation, if applicable. We have a hands-off approach and will guide students when they are stuck, but also show them resources so that they are eventually self-reliant. We also provide help in reviewing the student’s maker and research portfolios for college admissions.

Please fill out the following form for mentor availability and pricing information. We would appreciate it if you could share with us the project topic you have in mind, links to any resources that will help you complete this project and any deadlines that we should be aware of.  

Project Mentorship Interest Form

Project Mentorship Interest Form

Please share with us the project you have in mind (if you have one) and if you will be working on this project for a competition, such as a science fair or history competition.
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