Data Visualization Bootcamp + Internship


Did you know that the world produces more bytes of data in an hour than there are grains of sand on Earth? As more and more data is being generated by human beings, it is imperative that we can analyze and derive insights from this “big data”. Data Visualization, or the graphical representation of data, is an effective way to interpret this data. 

In this 5 week data visualization bootcamp + 7 week internship, MIT and Stanford engineers will teach Grades 7-12 students university-level data visualization and computer science skills, and provide students with the opportunity to apply those skills in an internship in collaboration with a partner organization. 

Students will be learning the psychology behind data visualizations and how to create interactive data visualizations using the JavaScript data visualization library, d3.js. Agile iterative methodology will be taught and enforced during the internship through issue tracking and weekly stand-ups.

No prior experience is required. 

Check out our data visualization project with The Marianne Moore Digital Archive, in collaboration with University of Buffalo, SUNY.