We offer a wide-array of virtual project-based camps in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics for grades 5-12 students. We teach skills that are in-demand in the real world and strongly believe that students only truly master the material taught to them, once they apply the skills that they have learned.

Several of our camps have a research or internship focus, where students collaborate with universities, startups and non-profits to produce a final product for them. Admission to such collaborative camps is competitive and application-based. Past projects for these camps can be accessed here.

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Self-paced Camps

Students go through lectures, assignments and quizzes at their own pace. Students ask instructors for help and instructors grade students' assignments.

Live Camps

Students attend lecture virtually, ask questions to instructors in real-time and complete assignments in groups with other students.

Asynchronous Camps

Students listen to lecture on their own time, and use virtual meetings to ask instructors questions, collaborate with other students and share updates on project work.

Hybrid Camps

A combination of live and asynchronous camps, hybrid camps will involve students attending virtual lectures and watching lecture recordings.

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